Managed Services

DevOps brings business, development and operation teams together to streamline IT and applying more automated processes. New implementation or accessing your current DevOps practices, setting up the automation, using the best tools for process transformation to ongoing management of the delivery pipeline, we do it all. Our consultants have worked across various technologies and tools (Tomcat, IIS, Apache, SSL, JBOSS, NGINX, WebSphere, WebLogic Server, Ruby, Chef, Puppet, Docker, Jenkins) and have integrated them across traditional data center as well as cloud environment like AWS, Microsoft Azure and others.

Our DevOps support and Services includes:

  • Assessment and Strategy Planning
  • Environment & configuration automation
  • End to End implementation
  • Code inspection & Integration
  • Orchestration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Microservices
  • Reporting and Training
  • Database management
  • Application management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Web Portal management
  • Release management
  • Service virtualization

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